Education Training

Why is the bias recognition, diversity, and sexual harassment prevention training provided by Toney Police Consulting, LLC important?

Don’t let our name fool you. The staff of Toney Police Consulting recognizes that the importance of diversity, bias recognition and the prevention of sexual harassment is not limited to the law enforcement and fire services. The educational industry faces similar challenges. Educators, Campus Security, Campus Police serve and interact with individuals, parents and students from different cultures, heterogeneous mixes and differing demographics.

Administrators, Deans, Campus Police Chiefs, Security Directors and Principals must be personally committed to the recognition of personal and professional bias. These biases and prejudices exist in a myriad of forms. As in any challenge, we must first do a self examination and recognize the inner true feelings that we all have. Once these are recognized only then can medical care professionals seek to manage them.

Administrators, Deans, Campus Police Chiefs, Security Directors and Principals must train their staff on how to recognize, manage and avoid all forms of workplace harassment and discrimination with bias recognition, diversity and sexual harassment training.

Development of new and improved mindsets does not have to be an arduous task. The staff of Toney Police Consulting strives to make your educational experience informative yet fun. Campus Safety is our priority. Helping students to have a positive interaction with the Police and Campus Security is our desire.

Allow the professionals of Toney Police Consulting to share in your educational journey. We remind you that training is cheaper than litigation.

Key Features of the Presentation

  • Reasons for attendance
  • Bias recognition
  • Expectations
  • Cultural context types
  • Sexual harassment types
  • Examples of sexual harassment
  • Prevention of sexual harassment

Areas Covered

  • Diversity
  • Bias Recognition Management
  • Sexual Harassment